Our Family

Our Family
Our Family

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis the Season ...

Every morning Matthew asks to cook ... he has become such a helper in the kitchen!

Making Sugar Cookies

Decorating sugar cookies at the St Elmo Dinner Group party!
Rock and Shelia brought Christmas early this year ... so much they are!
Our beautiful tree ...
smells so good!
This year we are teaching Matthew all about "Baby Cheezes" and his birthday!
Matthew loves his advent calendar ... where we read about the Christmas story.

Merry Christmas ... all three of our babies by the tree!
Santa's little helper ....
So much love ...
We had a little snow ....
and then alot more snow came the next day ....
Time to go sledding ...

So much fun ... going fast with daddy
... and slow with Momma

Our new house with lots of SNOW

Time to relax by the fire ... and get ready for family and the mystery of Christmas!

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  1. LOVE the blog updates!!! i need to add you to my google reader, had forgotten the name of your blog! jealous of all the snow you got.....it's as if you live in a different state up there on that special mountain!