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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Whole 30 Goals

So my friend Stephanie and I did the 21 day detox and had great results. After doing the detox I have continued eating a Paleo lifestyle ... including Paleo treats. I have maintained my weight, which is different from any other detox or diet, but have not lost since the detox. Stephanie introduced me to the idea of doing the Whole 30. New concepts like no scale and earlier to bed. So I set a timer on my phone for bedtime and asked Michael to hid the scale ... and started working on my Whole 9 goals (they advise picking some that will work for you) Here are the 5 goals I made:

Nutrition - No cheats
Sleep - I will go to bed at 10:30 pm.
Stress - I will take an epsom salt bath 1 a week.
Exercise - I will work out 3 times a week.
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