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Our Family
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Whole 30 Day 6 (The Baptism)

Day Six … wow … this is the day that the Lord has made and he is so good to us! Today has been very very difficult for me. First off last night after the kids went to bed I wanted a snack … I want chips or Pirates Booty! But did I do it … no way! I looked forward to breakfast. … Then we realized the hotel did not have continental breakfast so my sweet husband went to the Bistro in the hotel lobby and brought back FRENCH TOAST cover in powdered sugar and syrup. Disclaimer: I know this post is not going to reflect well on him and I would never post something bad about my one true love but others maybe in the same boat and I want to give HOPE. We then hurried and got ready and off to church we went for sweet Margaret’s baptism. The boys did great and had fun in Sunday School. After the service we went to Mr. and Mrs. Garrard’s house (Henry’s Parents) and had a wonderful time. It was a brunch so the spread was typical: Mini Ham Biscuits, Cheesy Grits, Sausage and Egg Bake (with white bread), 4 types of muffins and fruit salad. So I made the plates for the boys and made a plate of fruit salad and a small portion of ham for myself. After the brunch I hit Trader Joes to grab some great deals while Michael filled up the car and ran to grab some food for us (or so I thought). I came to the car and asked what he got me and he said “oh I didn’t get you anything, I thought you would get yourself something in there”.  What we have here is a problem with communication. In the car I said, “ I am so starving, Are you? Okay then run through somewhere and grab food while I shop.”  So here we are in the car for the next 3 ½ hours (if we are lucky) and all I can think of is bacon and eggs … I just want some meat, some protien!

So here is my HOPE for you (and for myself) … it’s not that big of a deal. Hunger is good … I am strong and determined to be healthy and I am not willing to settle because of a thing like hunger. I know I can eat in 3 ½ hours … it’s not forever. I am so proud of myself for not stuffing my face with the muffin to my left or the cheesy corn puffs to my right (traveling with kids = lots of snacks flying around the car).

Here’s my menu for today:

Breakfast: ½ larabar
Lunch: fruit salad and tiny bit of ham
Dinner: Cobb Salad from Taco Mamacita with my good friend Amber N.  … loaded with PROTIEN … I deserve it J

I get the Cobb salad without Blue Cheese and Chips ... and vinegar and oil fro the dressing!!! YUM 

I hope if you are reading this and you ever find yourself in a situation where it feels like no one is thinking of you and supporting you on your quest to find balance with food … remember you can push through, there is always time to eat later, make the most of your time (I spent most of the brunch taking pictures ... You'll see ... And these are only a few ...) 

The Big Kid Table  

The Spread ... The Fruit Salad was amazing!  
Proud Daddy and Miss Margaret  

 Like Father Like Son 
 GiGi and MVG
 Again ... Will and Toys 
Chit Chat  
 Matthew found some power tools 

 I have to get some girl toys ... My boys love the tea set
Our Crazy Crew 
 Papa J, GiGi, Meghan, Margaret and Henry
 Matthew made some new friends
 Will helping his Mommy 
Matthew was so excited about the books we got Margaret! 

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