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Thursday, January 9, 2014

21 DSD Day One ... Just couldn't wait!

Well I started today ... 2 days earlier than planned.  I still have not stocked my fridge and freezer for the week but I think I can get two days of 21DSD friendly meals for the next 2 days out of what I have on hand. I just could not stand to feel the way I have been feeling ... tired, sore, achey, emotional, out of control, weak and moody. So here we are ... Matthew's first day back to school and my 1st day on the detox. I am planning on also working on my sleep during the next 21 days. Research has shown and I can prove that we eat when we are tired ... as a mother of 3 boys (5, 2 and 3 months) I am always tired ... therefore I am always hungry.

Meals Today:

Breakfast: Hot Lemon Water and 3 Eggs in bacon fat

 Lunch: Chili with Carrots

Dinner: Beef Stew (Pressure Cooker Style) 

Snacks: 1/2 green apple (Not Pictured) 

* Tonight I experienced a headache that would not go away ... could have been the start of the detox or the fact that Issac was having a hard time falling asleep bc of "monsters" and I am on single parent duty since daddy is traveling for work. 

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