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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 3 21DSD ... Better Day !

Today was much better than day 2 for sure! I woke up with a plan and Michael is home ... which makes everything better. Michael started me off with some coffee, fried eggs and some leftover Thanksgiving paleo stuffing ... YUMMY! I then hit the road and got all my groceries for the week at Costco and Walmart. I did switch up my original plan to make sure I use the produce up that I am getting in bulk at Costco. When I came home I sprung into action and made an amazing smoothie, got the boys down for nap and then prepped food for the week. Like I will be using baby bella mushrooms acouple times this week so I went ahead and cooked them up. Then I can add them where they are needed. Being prepared is key for me in being successful ... like making a double batch of the 21 DSD simple vinaigrette that should be enough for the entire detox.

Menu for Today 

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs over leftover Thanksgiving Paleo Stuffing
Coffee w/ coconut oil and cinnamon 

Lunch: Green Monkey Smoothie
1 frozen green tipped banana
1 large spoonful of almond butter 
1 cup ice
1 cup unswt almond milk 
2 cups fresh spinach 

Dinner: Sunshine Burger and Grilled Broccoli 

Night Cap: Coffee using the AeroPress with Almond Milk and a dash of Cinnamon 

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