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Our Family
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 4 21dsd ... Feeling Groovy

Today was great ... my cravings are down and I am not even finishing my plates :) Happy Dance Time! 

Meal Time:

Breakfast: L/o Sausage Stuffing with 2 fried eggs ... coffee w/ unsweetened almond

Lunch: Lettuce Boats w/ turkey, pickle and bell pepper ... with vinaigrette dip (recipe below) 

Matthew and Issac kept stealing bites of my lunch ... so then I decided to make them their own ... it really is true that your kids will eat better if you do! 

Dinner: Oh so yummy Cobb Salad 

Simple Vinaigrette Dressing

2 cups of evoo
1/2 cup of lemon juice 
1/2 cup of raw apple cider vinegar 
2 T djion mustard
1-2 minced shallots
salt and pepper
(dried herbs: basil, parsely, dill, oregano) 

*This recipe is adapted from the 21dsd cookbook ... I love this dressing because every time I make it it is different and amazing ... I change the oil or the herbs or the citrus ... this dresing can be made a thousand ways 

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